September 21, 2023

After crashes, GM’s Cruise reduced its fleet of robotaxis by 50% in San Francisco.

  • August 23, 2023
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After crashes, GM’s Cruise reduced its fleet of robotaxis by 50% in San Francisco.

Following two crashes with robotaxis cars last week in San Francisco. Including one with an operational fire engine, California regulators have requested that General Motors “immediately”. Remove part of its Cruse robotaxis from the road.

It has been revealed that the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Looking into “recent concerning incidents involving Cruise vehicles in San Francisco.”

Cruise has been asked to immediately reduce its active fleet of operating vehicles by 50% until the investigation is finished and Cruise takes the necessary corrective actions to improve road safety, the DMV said in a statement. “The DMV is in contact with Cruise and law enforcement officials to determine the facts,” the department added.

According to the department, Cruise, the self-driving division of General Motors, is only permitted to operate 50 driverless vehicles during the day and 150 at night.


According to the California DMV, Cruise has complied with the request, and a Cruise spokeswoman confirmed that the business is also looking into the firetruck accident.

After Cruise’s significant victory in San Francisco, accidents occur.
Less than two weeks have passed since California authorities authorized Cruise and rival Waymo. Permission to charge for robotaxi rides in San Francisco at any time of day. Prior to the clearance, Cruise was only permitted to provide paid passenger. Service from autonomous vehicles overnight, between 10 pm and 6 am. When there are fewer pedestrians or vehicles in the road that could cause the software in the vehicles to malfunction.

Both of the Thursday crashes highlight the potential dangers of driverless technology.

The firetruck accident, according to Cruise’s general manager for San Francisco, happened when an emergency vehicle that seemed to be headed to an emergency incident pulled into the oncoming lane of traffic to avoid a red light. According to the blog post, Cruise’s driverless car recognized the danger but “was ultimately unable to avoid the collision.”

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