September 22, 2023

At the box office, Gran Turismo and ‘Barbie’ are competing head to head.

  • August 28, 2023
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At the box office, Gran Turismo and ‘Barbie’ are competing head to head.

Gran Turismo: Based on a True Story” and “Barbie” are neck-and-neck for first place at the box office, with Greta Gerwig’s pop hit just edging out the video game adaption, according to studio projections on Sunday.

Warner Bros. calculated that “Barbie,” in its sixth week of distribution, brought in $17.1 million, while Sony Pictures stated that “Gran Turismo” debuted with $17.3 million during the weekend. When final ticket sales are tallied on Monday, those totals can be modified.

Even if “Gran Turismo” is claiming the checker flag, it is almost probable that “Barbie” sold more tickets than any other movie from Friday through Sunday due to a few hiccups.

Gran Turismo

One explanation is that it was a typical multiplex weekend. On Sunday, American cinemas celebrated the second annual National Cinema Day with $4 movie tickets for all titles and screening hours at almost all theaters across the nation.

It anticipate that “Barbie” would easily be the top attraction on the discount day, with repeat viewings providing an additional boost. “Barbie” has surpass “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” ($574 million), which saw domestic ticket sales reach $594.8 million, became the year’s largest domestic success. Barbie will soon exceed “Mario,” which currently holds the record with $1.35 billion in worldwide sales, with $1.34 billion.

The goal of National Cinema Day is to boost attendance at theaters during a generally sluggish time while making up for missed ticket sales by selling a lot of popcorn. The event attracted 8.1 million moviegoers the year before, making it the largest day of the year for cinema attendance. According to Warner Bros. predictions, “Barbie” would earn $7.8 million on Sunday, which would suggest nearly 2 million people viewed the movie.

What was the most popular movie this weekend?

“Barbie,” declares Warner Bros.’ distribution chief Jeff Goldstein. With no reservation.

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