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Corsica tranquil getaway

  • August 31, 2023
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Corsica tranquil getaway

The Corsica de Pozzo, a convent constructed in the 15th century at the entrance to Cap Corse, is a guest home rich in history that offers a warm place to stay and local cuisine.

The high, heavily vegetated slopes of the island are becoming closer as you travel toward Cap Corse from Bastia. The mainland appears to be far away. Before veering off in the direction of the mountains and the Brando hamlet of Pozzo, the narrow road softly meanders along the Mediterranean.

Amidst the pine and cypress woods, a bell tower seen. To enter the structure that backs up to the church, keep an eye out for the “cappuccini” sign (Capuchin monks lived here). The Pozzo convent, which dates back to the 15th century, is a unique location. The captivating view of the swimming pool and the island of Elba in the distance first catches your attention.

Corsica de Pozzo

This house is basically a family home that has witnessed Corsica’s history as well as history in general, aside from the magnificent setting. The property, which formerly a novitiate where young men trained for monastic life, greatly impact by the French Revolution and was purchase in 1796 by an ancestor of the current owner, Emmanuelle Picon (Mattei, on her mother’s side), who today welcomes visitors.

The convent has been a family asset for seven generations. I used to visit here every summer when I was a kid,” the woman recalled, almost ten years after making a drastic turn in her life following a career in public relations and marketing in Paris. The house need to be care for on a daily basis if it to be preserv and pass on to future generations.

Embrace time

Here, it feels as if you’ve been invite to a friend’s house where they’ve provide the time to unwind. A magnificent representation of the Last Supper blends seamlessly with the contours of the vaulted walls of the former monks’ refectory’s red terracotta floor. In other places, a crucifie Christ and a Virgin who visite by an angel subtly embellish a space. Napoleon I makes random appearances while we’re in Corsica; he’s carved on a sideboard and painted on the back of gorgeous ceramic plates.

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