September 22, 2023
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Ijen Geopark Officially Enters the UNESCO Network

  • September 12, 2023
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Ijen Geopark Officially Enters the UNESCO Network

Ijen National Park was finally officially confirmed as part of the UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) at the 10th UGG international conference at the Habous Cultural Complex, Marakes, Morocco, Saturday, September 9 2023 local time. The charter for establishing it as a Global Geoparks Network was handed over directly by the President of the Global Geopark Network, Nicolas Zourous.

UNESCO or The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization itself is a United Nations organization that operates in the fields of education, science and culture. Banyuwangi Regent Ipuk Fiestiandani was invited to attend this prestigious conference. Also present was the Head of the East Java Culture and Tourism Service, Hudiyono.

Inauguration of Ijen Geopark Initial Effort to Bring it to the Outside World

The inauguration event itself, added Ipuk, was still solemn even though the venue had to be moved. Because an earthquake measuring 6.8 magnitude hit Morocco. “We are sorry to hear about this disaster. “Hopefully the Moroccan people will be given the fortitude and strength to face it,” said Ipuk.
Ipuk added that the inclusion of Ijen National Park in the global geopark network will increase international public attention.
“There is a lot of evidence that when a geopark enters the world geopark network, it will be followed by international attention and an increase in people’s visits. “We hope that this can help stimulate the economy, open up employment opportunities, and of course maintain the sustainability of the environment and local culture,” explained Ipuk.
Potential and

The uniqueness of Ijen

Ijen Geopark itself is an earth park that not only has unique natural landscapes and cultural riches, but is also supported by the spirit of realizing sustainable tourism.

The Ijen Geopark stretches across the entire district. Specifically in the Mount Ijen area, Pulau Merah Beach, Alas Purwo National Park. Complete with a variety of geosites, biosites and culturalsites.

Banyuwangi, continued Ipuk in the last ten years has pioneered. Efforts that are in line with the concept of global geopark development which emphasizes conservation efforts and invites the community
Tourism development in Banyuwangi itself, said Ipuk, also encourages widespread community involvement. “We encourage the public to get involved in various cultural preservation events. “Like the tumpeng Sewu, Seblang, Sepulu Ewu coffee events, there is active involvement of residents in the implementation,” said Ipuk.

“Banyuwangi also prohibits hotels from being built around Ijen and other tourist attractions. So that local people can open home stays for economic development.

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