September 22, 2023

Paris Takes Over Inquiry into Migrant Deaths in the English Channel

  • August 23, 2023
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Paris Takes Over Inquiry into Migrant Deaths in the English Channel

Paris prosecutors on Sunday took over an investigation into the deaths of at least six migrants after their boat sank while crossing the English Channel, which lies between France and England, while police hunt for smugglers responsible for the incidents. Prosecutors in the port city of Boulogne initially opened the investigation on Saturday, hours after the tragedy, but then moved the investigation. Officials from the two prosecutor’s offices told AFP. Six Afghan men died when a migrant boat thought to be carrying 66 people bound for Britain sank in the strait in the early hours of Saturday. Most of the passengers on the ship were migrants from Afghanistan and some were from Sudan, “as well as some children,” said French maritime authority Premar. The British and French coastguards rescued 59 people, but the death toll is currently preliminary.

Although the search at sea was suspend on Saturday evening. Ships crossing the English Channel were warned to be on high alert.On Saturday. France’s junior minister for maritime affairs. Herve Berville, denounced the “criminals of human trafficking” he said were responsible for the deaths of migrants. He promised to fight the human smuggling network.


On Sunday, about 200 people gathered in Calais towards the port to pay respects to those who have died.


They marched carrying large banners bearing the names of 376 migrants. Who activists say have died trying to cross the treacherous English Channel since 1999. These people died because of the indifference of all parties read a statement from “Deces”.  An alliance of associations that assist with the burial or repatriation of crossing victims. The statement also criticized the French government for constantly harassing and refusing to provide migrants with basic rights. The alliance is also asking authorities in France and Britain if they will. Allow survivors of the sinking to be reunit with their families. [rd/rs]

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