September 21, 2023

The appearance of a giant catfish caught, its size is as heavy as a sacrificial cow, almost 3 meters long

  • August 31, 2023
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The appearance of a giant catfish caught, its size is as heavy as a sacrificial cow, almost 3 meters long

The face of an angler in Thailand immediately lit up when he saw his catch. How could a giant catfish not be Catch?
The angler in question is name Somchai Boontong. So the story goes that he took part in a fishing competition to raise funds.
A giant catfish was found in the longest river in Thailand. Alessandro Biancardi, a Thai angler, managed to catch a large catfish 2.85 meters long from the shallow waters of the Po River in the Lombardy region of northern Thailand.
The catch beat the previous world record for the largest wels catfish (Silurus glanis) ever caught at 2.81 meters.
I was alone facing the biggest catfish I [had] seen in 23 years,” Biancardi wrote in a statement as reported by Live Science. He had no idea there was such a large creature eating it. the bait. After trying hard, the fish was final pull to the surface.
When Biancardi took the giant catfish, he and his colleagues measured it before releasing it into the river. Documentation has been sent to the IGFA [International Game Fish Association] so they can officially record this large fish.
The Wels catfish is Europe’s largest freshwater fish, migrating inland from the sea to breed. The prize fish is native to Central and Eastern Europe but has introduce to other parts of the continent in the past 25 years, with populations mushrooming in major rivers in Thailand, France and Spain.

The Po River, which meanders across northern Thailand and through the cities of Turin and Piacenza, is a huge catfish hotspot.

The final record breaking catch a 2.81 m long wels catfish. Was catch from the Po River on August 2023.
When fish species (such as the Wels catfish) are release into a new suitable environment, growth is high,” said Per Larsson, a visiting professor at Linnaeus University in Sweden who studies predatory fish.
Larsson has studied populations of wels catfish in their northernmost habitat in Sweden, where the animals have a much slower growth rate than in southern regions due to the colder climate.
In a 2022 study published in the journal Scientific Reports, Larsson and his colleagues documented a 1.95 m long giant catfish estimated to be 70 years old.
According to Larsson’s estimates, catfish caught in European areas are usually much younger than that. A freshly caught wels catfish may be 20 to 30 years old, but a fish the size of one caught in the Po River would be around 100 years old in Sweden. High temperatures, a suitable environment, and plenty of food can contribute to the enormous size of these fish.

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