September 21, 2023

The CEO of Amazon warns staff to come back to work or else their days could be numbered

  • August 30, 2023
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The CEO of Amazon warns staff to come back to work or else their days could be numbered

After an Insider article highlighted Andy Jassy’s comments from a recent internal meeting, the business confirmed that Jassy had advised employees to support the company’s.

Amazon continues to put pressure on US office personnel to abide by a policy. Requiring them to report to a physical office at least three days a week, as seen in Jassy’s speech.

Jassy stated during the event this month that although workers are free to disagree with the company‘s decision to bring workers back into the office and to criticize it, they are not free to violate the policy.


He added that it was unlikely that anyone who were unable to embrace the policy would be able to work for Amazon in the future.

at recent weeks, some people have discussing the legal rights of employees who claim they employ as virtual employees and whether be made to work at an office by posting to message boards on websites like Reddit and Blind.

It previously reveal by Insider that Jassy heard saying to disobedient workers on the recording of the session: “It’s probably not going to work out for you.” Employees in the internal meeting requested Jassy to present the internal statistics supporting the policy, according to an insider report.

According to the comments Amazon sent to Jassy retort that the return-to-office policy more the outcome of a decision made after considering a number of different variables, including business performance. He continued by saying that Amazon has little data to justify a policy of indefinite remote employment and that in the past, Amazon had to make decisions based on scant information.

The comments also demonstrated that Insider’s coverage of Jassy’s projections regarding workers who disobey the return-to-office directive was accurate.

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