September 21, 2023

The phony weapons that Ukraine wants Russian to destroy are real

  • September 11, 2023
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The phony weapons that Ukraine wants Russian to destroy are real

They are made specifically with the intention of being eliminate as soon as feasible. And in that regard, the steelworks business that created them claims. These booby trapped weapons have been surprisingly effective. Russian forces have almost immediately begun to target hundreds of them.

The list of weapons includes air defense radars, mortar tubes, Ukrainian D-20 gun-howitzers, American M777 howitzers, and more. Chances are, if it is deploy and in use in Ukraine, Metinvest has already replicate it or is now doing so within the little hangar that is tuck away on the outskirts of a sizable industrial site in central Ukraine. Astounding variety of imitations of the most cutting edge American and European killing technology may be found there.


According to a corporate spokesperson who requested anonymity, the company was the largest metalworking group in Ukraine prior to the war but had no participation in the production of weapons. It still doesn’t, in fact, as its lone entry into the world of weapons is an auxiliary business in decoys.

Which are very lifelike but lack either the firing range or the high price.
According to the speaker, the objectives are to preserve Ukrainian lives and to deceive Russia into wasting its own, very expensive kamikaze drones, shells, and missiles.

The goal, according to the spokesperson, is to simultaneously save Ukrainian lives while deceiving the Russians into wasting their own, extremely expensive kamikaze drones, shells, and missiles.

The goal is for the decoys to appear attack-worthy from the air without breaking the bank. To do this, a balance had to be struck in the material selection, balancing the inexpensive plywood, which doesn’t emit the necessary heat signature to deceive Russian heat seeking radars and drones, with enough metal to mislead them.

The spokesman for Metinvest claims that because fighting costs money, we must pay for the Russians to use drones and missiles to demolish our ruses. After all, missiles and drones are costly. Our models are incredibly less expensive.

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