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Still at war with Russia Ukraine wants to legalize porn

  • August 19, 2023
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Still at war with Russia Ukraine wants to legalize porn
Still at war with Russia Ukraine wants to legalize porn. Ukraine’s parliament  wants to legalize the production of pornographic shows in the midst of a war against  Russia which is still raging. Members of Ukraine’s Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, announced on Friday (18/8) that they had gathered enough signatures to present a bill that would decriminalize the production of pornography. MP chairing a hearing on the bill. Yaroslav Zheleznyak describes the current law as a product a stupidity. From the time of the Soviet Union, we inherited the norm that a person can be punished with up to eight years in prison if they send their nude photos to others,” he told the  Kyiv Post. According to him, the criminal article does not change or change anything related to child pornography, human trafficking or prostitution.

That is, we are not even talking about OnlyFans but about consuming this content in general he continued.

The criminal law has so far been able to send a person to prison for up to eight years for sending or receiving nude photos. Meanwhile, according to the explanatory note for the proposed bill, 704,667 people received subpoenas in 2022 for charges included in Article 301 of the Ukrainian Penal Code, relating to pornography. Apart from taking up a lot of time for law enforcement, according to Zheleznyak, the fight against pornography in Ukraine also opens up opportunities for corruption. Although the main topic is pornography which is considered taboo in local Ukrainian society, thousands of Ukrainians benefit from the production of pornographic films.

heleznyak said Ukraine received more than 34 million hryvnia or about US$920,000 in taxes over six months in 2023 from OnlyFans and social networks with pornographic content.

We receive their tax money but keep them in jail,

Meanwhile there were also those who openly raised funds for the TNI by showing off their bodies. One of these groups is the Teronlyfans charity project.
This is a good representation of the role of the body in war. As citizens of Ukraine, our primary responsibility is to provide our servicemen with everything they need Teronlyfans. Executive Director Anastasia Kuchmenko told the Kyiv Post. Through Teronlyfans he explain people were asked to donate money to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and internally displaced people. Then, admirers send screenshots of their donations and get pornographic photos in return.

From the very beginning we have tried to operate according to the law.

Therefore, no money flows through us, and we work with erotic content and not pornography,” said Kuchmenko. Although the group deals in erotic content and not pornography. Kuchmenko admits they could be prosecut if the government does not turn a blind eye to their activities. Zheleznyak also believes that the Ukrainian police have a more important task than hunting down girls on camera. Citing statistics, 85,500 man-hours were dedicat to porn cases in 2021. Which he says equals one year of investigators’ daily work, without days off, for 41 years. Even though the proposal already had the necessary co-sponsors to get the ballot going, some Ukrainians weren’t happy about it.

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